CIMC HQ Vanguard National Trailers is a proud subsidiary of China International Marine Containers, Ltd. (CIMC), a global leader in container manufacturing since 1980. With locations throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and North and South America, CIMC is focused on becoming an international partner in modern transportation, dedicated to manufacturing industry-leading containers, trailers, tank equipment and airport equipment to customers worldwide.

Constantly growing and expanding into new markets in countries all over the world, CIMC centers their core business around container manufacturing, with products ranging from dry vans, refrigerated trailers, tanks, and various special containers. Since 1996, CIMC has ranked No.1 worldwide for container output and sales volume. And today, CIMC holds over 50 percent market share in their international markets. A true global leader, CIMC's products have become staples in their industries through forward-thinking business approaches and extensive detail on exceptional product quality.

CIMC is developing solutions that solve logistical needs on a global scale. With an overarching goal to become a leading global supplier of first-class transportation equipment, CIMC serves to create value for their shareholders, deliver quality to their customers, and provide opportunities for advancement and growth for every associate worldwide.

For more information on CIMC, visit www.cimc.com.